Social Media Tips for Getting Hired Faster

In our modern, technology-driven age, social media has become a way of life. The trend has permeated the world of employment, and staffing agencies continually use social media to reach potential applicants and gather a good base of potential employees for our business clients. However, applicants themselves can utilize social media to up their chances of being hired as well. When it comes to your online presence though, there are plenty of do’s and don’ts that should be considered. PHR Staffing Solutions has some tips to make sure that your own social media interactions will help, rather than hurt, your job hunt process.
Say cheese.
Your profile pictures, cover photos, and even pictures you post on your profile from day to day, can affect the way potential employers see you. Consider this: that photo of you in less-than-work-appropriate clothing partying with your friends can be seen by anyone who searches for you, including recruiters and business owners. If your potential boss, the HR staff who review applications, etc. can get a glimpse of you outside of your resume and/or application, what will their opinion be of you based on your current photo? We understand that it’s your personal space, and you shouldn’t feel the need to only use professional a professional headshot for your online platforms, but you DO need to consider who’s seeing what you post, and how it could affect the way they think about you and your professionalism.
Stay vigilant. 
If you follow local recruiters, staffing agencies, etc. (like PHR), you can’t just check them once and then move on. Staying vigilant about checking various employment sites means you’ll be one of the first to see when new openings are posted, and your application can be sent in faster. That ups your chances of landing the job you want the most! Routinely check the web pages, Facebook jobs pages, etc. of local businesses and/or staffing services as they are updated often with new positions and openings in your area.
Choose words wisely. 
Not just what you look like, but what you say, can also be accessed by a variety of people in the world of social media. Getting involved in online conflicts, using foul language, utilizing poor grammar and spelling, etc. can reflect poorly on you and won’t do much to help your job application process. Strive to limit your posting to positive or constructive content, and as much as possible, use proper grammar, spelling, and punctuation. By monitoring your words and online interactions, you have more control over what potential employers can see about you outside of your resume and application.
We hope these tips help you as you move forward in the job hunting process. PHR Services is here to help you with all aspects of your job search, from the initial application and resume, to the final interview and early days of hiring. Give us a call to learn more, or visit our jobs page to see which positions are currently hiring!