Staffing Strategies

Crafting a Successful Staffing Stategy

How do we do it? We distinguish ourselves by designing performance-based programs:

  • Using a from the ground up approach, we gather information and evaluations from all parties involved to get a complete picture of what’s happening now.
  • This collaborative process uncovers improvement opportunities that we focus on to design a staffing strategy customized to meet your company’s needs.
  • Next is the implementation phase. During this important time, PHR staff maintains close communication with everyone involved and monitors every aspect of the process. We take full responsibility for their performance and any other issues that should arise.
  • Progress is measured using agreed-upon performance indicators.
  • Customer feedback is captured at regularly scheduled evaluation reviews.
  • Moving forward, we never lose sight of our initial goals and strive for continuous improvement.

Whether you are an occasional user or one who uses staffing services on a larger scale, as a PHR customer the results are the same: a more competitive position for your company in your marketplace.