New Year, New Career? What Back to School Means for Your Job Hunt

Students are gearing up to head back into the classroom in Polk County, and for unemployed parents, the days will suddenly seem a lot freer (and quieter!). While it can be nice to have a breather every now and then, unemployment when you need a job for income (or simply desire to have something to fill your time) is glaringly obvious when your kids are away from home over 7 hours a day. That’s why back to school is the perfect time to start your job hunt anew, because…
Free time! During the summer, finding childcare while you participate in interviews or spend time at job fairs can be difficult, as can managing your squirmy little ones while you drive around town picking up and dropping off applications and required paperwork for various openings. Summer camps or activities, family vacations, and regular household duties also take valuable time out of each day, and you’re often left with little or no energy or desire to seek out creative, new approaches to your job search. However, once your kids are back in school, your hours open up much more during the morning and early afternoon, which means you have plenty of time to strategize your job hunt and hit the road for applying, interviewing, and exploring possibilities.
Better Opportunities. Many businesses tend to step back from staffing and recruiting during the summer months, as the business owners themselves are busy with their own families and activities. The beginning of a new school year  is a great time to make the most of opportunities put forth by companies opening new positions on their staff, or re-opening jobs that had been closed over the summer.
Pre-Holiday Lull. As we get closer to the holidays, businesses often take another break from staffing and recruiting (unless they are in retail) since they don’t want to be handling employee paperwork, payroll changes, etc. at the end of a tax year. They also don’t want to start the interview or hiring process when they’re gearing up for time off work to celebrate the season with their families and friends. For that reason, applying and interviewing now is a great way to land a job before the holiday craziness begins in late October/early November.
Are you ready to make the most of this new school year? Hand your job hunt over to PHR Staffing Solutions and let us do the hard work for you. We do the research, manage the paperwork and payroll, and our goal is to match you with positions that are perfect for YOU and your own unique set of skills and qualifications. Head over to our Lakeland office after you drop your kids off at school and learn more about how we can help you this year, or apply for one of our current openings right here on our site!