Mother’s Day 2020: Celebrating Your Mom in New Ways

Digital Interviews, Professionalism, and Getting Hired During COVID-19

COVID-19 has changed just about every aspect of society it seems, and the working world is acutely aware of this, as many employees have been appointed to working from home for the foreseeable future. While telework has many benefits (no commute, access to your home’s amenities during the day, and comfort), there are also aspects of your workday that can be…

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Not Today COVID: Kick Your Habit, Save Your Health

Smoking is a hot topic (no pun intended) lately with lung health and the threat of COVID-19 looming. It has become the focus of many conversations regarding how sickness can (and does) affect those who smoke, and in the workplace, employers and staff alike are discussing how a business should handle employees who have this habit. Currently, when it comes…

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How Can You Help? Giving Blood During COVID-19 Crisis

If you have been in your workplace for any length of time, or have attended any local events here in the Polk County area, you have likely seen the mobile blood bank come through at one point or another.  This bus is essentially a lab on wheels, and it travels to businesses and events to not only raise awareness about…

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