Interview 101: Be Prepared

A job interview is the culmination of your job search and application process, completed either by getting the hire, or being sent back to square one. Because of this, being prepared for your interview can be the defining factor in your employment. While you usually don’t know the actual interview questions (and therefore can’t formulate specific answers), there are some things you can do to get ready for your next interview, and go into the room with confidence when the HR staff call your name.
Do your research. 
Researching the company with which you are interviewing is a huge part of being prepared. Read as much material as you can about the company, from their bio and history (usually included on a website and/or social media profiles) to their core values and community involvement outlets. You never know where you might be able to make a personal connection, and that can go a long way in an interview and hiring process. Additionally, knowing their values and how they run their company can give you a leg up when formulating your answers to their questions.
Detailed and concise is best. 
While you might not know details about the actual interview questions, you can do your due diligence and look into the skills and tasks that could be part of working for the company. For example if you applied for an office admin opening with a local mechanic being prepared to talk about your skills specific to admin work (knowledge of needed computer programs, typing skills, organizational talents, good phone/in-person presence, etc.) and your skills that pertain to vehicle knowledge (knowing basics of part names, how to place orders, etc.) can showcase exactly why you’d be a good fit for the position without resorting to generics. If you’ve already formulated a basic outline of why you’re a good fit, with the aforementioned details, you’ll be able to offer a concise answer instead of being long-winded and confusing to those interviewing you.
Have your resume ready to go (and make it attractive!)
Updating your resume is a huge part of being prepared for an interview. Not only should the resume itself be updated and current, but it should also be presented well. Clean, crisp paper and fresh ink, a professional font and layout, and a neutral folder are great ways to offer your resume to the interview in an attractive way with very little money or effort invested in it. Taking the time to pay attention to those details can go a long way and put you a step ahead of the rest of the applicants.
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