Resumes: Personal Information, Qualifications, and The Rest Is History (Literally)

Resume composition is a huge part of the job hunt and hiring process, since it’s essentially your “business card” for potential employers, showing them how to contact you, what you offer, and how you can be a benefit to them with your qualifications and skills. We all know that a business card must be well put together, organized, eye-catching, and, of course, functional in order to make an impact, and in this same way, your resume must meet these same criteria. While your personal contact information, educational background, and individual skills are important, perhaps one of the biggest pieces of information that can make or break you getting hired is your work history.


Including a thorough work history with all necessary details is helpful to HR staff and/or employers for several reasons. Perhaps the biggest is that is shows you have the hands-on experience to back up any educational qualifications like degrees, certifications, and training. Many people can complete a class or receive a certification, but to have worked for an employer utilizing the skills learned in those classes shows that you mastered the content and are capable of applying it in real-life situations. This makes a business much more confident when choosing staff members since they won’t waste resources and paid hours offering additional training.

Your work history also provides valuable references for potential employers. Family and friends are sufficient for references regarding character and basic personality traits (prompt, diligent, friendly, outgoing, etc.) but they can’t really attest to your skills and abilities on the job in most cases. That’s where previous employers can be a big benefit to you if they are willing to serve as references. Your old boss (if you were indeed a hard worker and left/are leaving on good terms) can offer insight that few other references can, since they supervised your work for a long period of time, and got to see your strengths, and weaknesses, firsthand. This reason alone is why you should strive for a positive and solid relationship with your employer through the duration of your time in any given position. Failing to do so could cost you job opportunities in the future!

Finally, the work history on your resume gives employers a glimpse of your “career path.” If they see that you have worked each job for a significant amount of time (instead of jumping from position to position), or have moved your way up within the same company over a period of time, it can go a long way in moving you to the top of the applicants list on their desk when they’re calling for interviews. Your work history, while not absolute, can offer an understanding of your commitment to a company, your work ethic, and more. Do your best to include as much information as possible with each position you list so as to offer the best “picture” of you as a potential employee.

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