Halloween Multitasking: How Trick or Treating Could Help You Get Hired

Trick or treating has long since been a fun pastime for children (and adults) as it offers the opportunity to dress up in costume, and enjoy treats, time with friends, and staying up late. While the candy might seem like the biggest gain of the evening, for parents in the midst of a job search, or those who are considering a career jump, Halloween could actually offer the unique opportunity for you to get connect and get hired outside of the typical cold application process or job fair.

When you are out trick or treating with your child(ren), you are in the prime position to meet neighbors and people throughout your community who you otherwise wouldn’t have contact with. In Polk County, there are popular neighborhoods where families enjoy walking the streets and gathering candy and treats, and while you might not live there, striking up a conversation with those walking nearby, or with those who are friendly to your children during an encounter, could make a good impression and you never know who the person on the other side of the door, or across the sidewalk, might be. While it might sound far fetched or silly, you are truly presented with prime networking opportunity during trick or treating, and keeping that in mind is important since you can never re-do a first impression.

What doest that mean for you as you’re out this year? Well, while we don’t necessarily think you need to turn Halloween into a job interview and walk the streets in a suit, you should keep your language and behavior in check as you never know what your interactions with others could lead to. What if you were walking the sidewalks with the president of a local company looking to hire a new wave of employees, or the supervisor at a nearby warehouse that needs some new drivers and heavy lifters. Making sure your impression is always a positive one means you won’t have to worry that you ruined a potential job opportunity with poorly chosen words or actions.

Obviously, staking your entire job hunt on Halloween night is not the best way to get your career off the ground, and a multipoint attack is always more effective. PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help you work through each aspect of a job search, from the application process and interview, to supporting you through the hire and after you’ve gotten the job. Give us a call and feel free to ask questions about how we make the hiring process easier for you, or apply for one of our current openings online.