Time for Change: Why Age Should Not Be A Factor for Your Career

How often have you heard, “When you have a career you love, work never actually feels like work” and felt discouraged because your job does indeed feel like work and you dread it each day? If you’re like many Americans, it’s probably a pretty regular occurrence. For those who are in their middle or “golden” years though, it can feel even more depressing as many feel they are too old or too far along in their existing career to make a job change. We are here to brighten your horizon and tell you that is not the case. There is no age limit on finding a job you love, and if you’re willing to put in the hard work and time it takes to find that perfect position for you, you can invest your days and your energy into a career that brings you pleasure AND a paycheck.

There are several factors that go into a job change that might look a little different than choosing a career path right out of college during your early years. Knowing these up front, and being prepared for them, will make your later-in-life career switch easier and smoother. First, keep in mind that you might have to face taking a pay cut in some situations, especially if your career change is drastically different than what you were doing before. A company will likely not offer to pay you the same salary starting out as your previous employer was paying you after years of work. You’ll be starting at the same pay scale as “newbies,” but fortunately, many people in the later stages of life have a nest egg and a buffer saved up, and that can help ease the tension as you transition into a new job. To be doing something you love, the pay adjustment will probably be worth it to you.

Additionally, you might not need as much training and/or additional education as you’d expect for a late life job change. If you’re moving into a career field that is similar to your previous job, your skills, experience, and educational background can likely transfer over, at least in part, and that will make it easier to move right into your new position seamlessly. If you do need additional education or training, local trade schools and community colleges often offer night courses or weekend classes that will let you get the credits you need without having to sacrifice your vacation time or go without pay.

Finally, a late life career change can actually make you a better employee. A renewed sense of passion and enjoyment in your career will be a breath of fresh air for your new employer, and will likely be infectious for your younger coworkers and counterparts. You’ll have a unique blend of “newness” to the job, but age and experience that recent college graduates and young hires won’t have. You might just end up being a valuable asset to your new boss, and that will just boost your love for your new career path.

If you’re seeking a job change but don’t know where to start, call PHR Staffing Solutions! Polk County residents know they can trust us to help place them in the perfect job, no matter their age. We work with you from start to finish, by offering applications for local openings right on our website, to assisting in resume writing and interview preparation. Following a hire, we support you through the initial weeks on the job to make sure you and your new employer are both content with the arrangement and confident moving forward. We look forward to helping you fall in love with your career again!