Acing Your Phone Pre-Interview: Tips for Making a Positive Impression

When applying for a job, many applicants believe that making it through the initial round of resume evaluations will get you into an interview and you’ll have a high chance of landing the job. No need to think about anything beyond prepping for that interview, right? Not exactly. Many companies are now using a “pre-interview” technique over the phone to get a better idea of what to expect from various applicants, and determine whether or not they want to pursue them for an in-person interview. These phone interviews can be just as important as the in-person portion of the application process, so it’s important to be prepared and know how to respond if your phone rings with opportunity. Keep these tips in mind to make a (positive) impression on your interviewer:
  • Spit out that gum! Chewing gum, eating, and/or drinking while on the phone can be incredibly annoying, even if you’re just talking to a friend or family member. No one wants to hear that from the other end of the line. If you get called by a potential employer or HR staff member, get rid of the gum, and put your snack or lunch off for a few minutes. It could be the difference between landing the job and being set back to square one in your job hunt.
  • Keep it quiet. A quiet background is important to make your interviewer feel as if they have your full attention, and that you are taking the call seriously. Turn down any music or the television, go to a quiet room behind a closed door if children or friends are being disruptive, and give your full focus to the phone call. You’ll be glad you did.
  • Be prepared for the call. Get up, get dressed, and have a clear head before that phone rings. Lounging in your pajamas (or worse, waking up to the phone ringing for your interview!) will come through in your voice, and it isn’t impressive to the ones deciding whether or not you deserve an in-person meeting.
  • Act professional. This is, after all, an actual interview, even if it’s over the phone. Don’t crack jokes, make offhanded comments, etc. if you want to be taken seriously. While being relaxed is important, keeping an air of professionalism is a huge factor in getting to the next level.
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