Make Your Job Hunt a Team Effort with PHR Staffing Solutions

With quality applicants graduating each year, and young “up-and-coming” professionals saturating the market, job hunting can seem overwhelming since there is significant competition for each position you go after. There are often lines of candidates for each opening, and it can be frustrating for someone who is seeking work but keeps falling a step behind and losing out on opportunities. With the overwhelming amount of paperwork, interviews, and other tasks involved with finding a job, it can be easy to miss something and before you get a chance to catch up, the position was filled by another applicant.
You could keep up with the struggle and hope you get lucky.
You could continue to run yourself ragged with filling out endless applications, standing in line for interviews that never get a return call, struggling to make ends meet.
OR you could call PHR Staffing Solutions.
A staffing agency is, essentially, hiring someone to do the hard work for you! We research job openings throughout the greater Polk County area, and then seek to fill them with applicants just like you. We take your resume and gather other needed information about your skills, your educational and professional background, previous experience, etc., and then build a profile on you. When a job opening comes up we can evaluate it, and if the requirements match your attributions, then we have a match! With this system, you only turn in your information to us, and we do the legwork of scouting out potential positions for you. If you decide that a match is worth pursuing, we work with you to give you the best chance possible of landing the job. Since we have positions in administration, accounting, management, and even light industrial work, there is a high likelihood that we have the perfect job just waiting for you. Even better, after the hire, we support you beyond your first day on the job, giving you a period of adjustment where you can feel confident that your paperwork will be handled appropriately, you will have someone to answer your questions, and you will have the best possible start in your new career.
So, why not make the job of finding a job a bit easier? Whether you’re a recent college graduate, or an experienced professional seeking to make an employment change, we’ve got you covered. Instead of going through the hiring journey alone, let us be part of your team. Just give us a call and we’re ready to help you get hired!