Making Sure You’re HIRED (Even on A Holiday)

Labor Day is a time when we take a break from our jobs, and appreciate those who have contributed their time, efforts, and resources to build our nation into what it is today. For those who are currently unemployed though, Labor Day could be a stinging reminder of what they don’t have. While most of us are enjoying the day with picnics, parties, and time off, these hopeful applicants are working on resumes and applications, trying to find the perfect fit for them. We have good news for this crowd of job-seekers…PHR Staffing Solutions is HIRING, even on Labor Day!
Because PHR uses multiple platforms for hiring and gathering applications, we are always “open.” Our jobs page is a great place to start (find it here), since we regularly update it with current openings and plenty of information about each position. You can apply directly through the job page without ever leaving your home to fill out paperwork or print out a resume. If you want even more convenience, simply login to your Facebook account and follow the PHR Staffing Solutions page. You’ll be the first to see new openings, get updates on where we’re hiring in Polk County, and have the chance to put your application in ahead of the crowd, increasing your chances of getting hired. Facebook not your preferred form of social networking? We post the same openings on our Twitter feed (found here) and our Google Plus page (here) so you have multiple options for finding the perfect job for YOU.
If you’re wondering how PHR’s system works, it’s simple!
  1. You select the job for which you want to apply and send in the inquiry form, OR you send in your resume to us directly and ask us to match you with upcoming openings.
  2. We take note of your skill set, qualifications, education and experience background, etc. If you’re a good fit we use those criteria to match you with positions we receive from local companies seeking to fill vacancies in their staff.
  3. Once matched, we will walk you through the necessary background checks, drug tests, interviews, etc.
  4. If hired, we offer ongoing support following your start date, so both you and your new employer can feel confident and protected as you learn the ropes and decide if you are the best fit long-term.
If you have questions or would like to know more about our current openings, feel free to give us a call! We are ready to help you get hired. Happy Labor Day from PHR Staffing Solutions!