The Downside of DIY: Why Outsourcing Your Hiring Is Best

The DIY movement is popular in just about every area, from home decor to haircuts. While some are better ideas than others, we agree that doing things yourself can sometimes save you money, time, and offer customizability that hiring someone else might not. HOWEVER, this is not the case when it comes to hiring for your business. Staffing an opening, or filling multiple vacancies, can cost you valuable time and resources in the long run, and might leave you with less-than-desirable results. Fortunately, business owners have the option to outsource their hiring process to a third-party provider. For residents in and around Polk County, employers trust PHR Staffing Solutions to do the hiring for them, because we are thorough, reputable, and long-standing in the community. Why should you let us handle your hiring opportunity?

First, you save time. Advertising an opening alone can take hours of your time, and once the applications start rolling in, you can quickly find yourself overwhelmed and crunched for time between managing the hopeful applicants and the other everyday tasks of running the business. What’s more, once applicants are narrowed down, you have to go through phone interviews, in person interviews, training and more. The time that is eaten up by handling your own hiring process is extensive and costly.

Additionally, you save money in the long run when you outsource your hiring. As mentioned above, you burn through a lot of time when you DIY your employment process, and time equals money. Not only that, but if you aren’t skilled in adequately narrowing down the applicants and end up bringing multiple people in for background checks, drug testing, evaluations, and more, you’ll have spent lots of excess funds on potential employees that just don’t work out.

Finally, hiring PHR means you take away the risk of the hiring process. When you make a hire on your own, you’re “stuck” with who you’ve chosen, or you have to let them go and then go through the entire process all over again. We offer support beyond the hire, which means if you are unhappy with the fit of your new employee after a (limited) period of time, we will find someone else for the job. Our end goal is a happy client, and we won’t stop until you are satisfied with the results.

Are you ready to build up your staff and make your business the best it can be? We are processing new, local applicants daily, and they are ready and waiting for the chance to join you in your business efforts. Let PHR do the “matchmaking” for you, and find the perfect employee for you!