Spring Break Is Over…Now What? 1-2-3

Now that Spring Break has ended and your kids are back in school, you might be looking at hitting the job hunt hard over the next few weeks. That is a great plan, but if you aren’t sure where to start, you can be left frustrated, and end up wasting time by running in circles and making no actual headway with finding a new job. That’s why PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help. We are ready to walk you through the process from start to finish so you can find a job you love faster.

Step 1: Prepare your resume and make sure you have all of your important information and paperwork ready to go. This includes adding any updates to your resume (new address, new phone number(s), any recent employment or education, etc.) and making sure all of your references are up to date and will still be a good option for potential employers to use when considering you as an applicant. You’ll also want to make sure your social security card, ID, etc. are in easy reach and ready to take with you when needed.

Step 2: Apply with PHR Staffing Solutions. You can do this either by choosing one of our already listed positions on our website or through Facebook, and you’ll be able to pick the specific job for which you’d like to be considered. If you aren’t sure about a specific opening, you can also apply with PHR in general, and we’ll keep your resume and all information on file along with what types of jobs you prefer and/or are qualified for. When we get openings that match your criteria, you’ll be on our list of possible applicants! Keep in mind, your application process will include background checks and could potentially involve drug testing as well.

Step 3: Watch and wait. You can keep watching our website for new listings, and if you see one that interests you, please feel free to contact us about it if you’re already on file with us, or you can apply for it through the site as mentioned above if you aren’t already listed with PHR. Other than that, you are able to wait and let PHR Staffing Solutions do the rest of the hard work for you, while you continue to enjoy life with the ones you love.

We look forward to working with you and helping you fulfill your career goals and find a job you love. We are Polk County’s trusted staffing agency and it’s our goal to get you hired. Call now and get started!