Lack of Employee Benefits? Tips to Improvise and Make Your Job Work for YOU

It’s easy to complain about your employer if you feel you don’t receive enough by way of benefits. Whether health/vision/dental insurance packages, or the amount of vacation leave you receive each year, we understand that you might not always agree with your boss about the privileges you feel you’re entitled to at your job. However, we also understand that employers are sometimes backed into a hard place as well, when benefits cost more than their company can handle, or when they really can’t let people take time off and still manage to get the required work load completed. It’s definitely complicated as there is a fine line between a boss who really wants to take care of his or her staff and can’t, to an employer that doesn’t care about the happiness or welfare of those who work for them. Regardless of the reason, here are some ways you can perhaps work around the lack of privileges in your current job.
No Paid Leave? Try Switching Things Up! 
If you don’t have paid time off in your job, or the hours aren’t adequate for what you need in a given year, you could consider, literally, switching things up. Ask around and find out if other employees would want to switch shifts with you for a period of time, or if you could work out a way to have them cover your hours and you do the same in return later down the line. If your job is more of a project completion type of setup, ask your boss about working ahead for a few weeks to account for any needed time off, or maybe find out if you could work remotely for a few days if your job is mostly phone/computer related. It’s always worth exploring your options!
Think Outside the Benefits Box 
Health benefits are a hot topic in the business world, and with prices high and policy provisions low, your options can seem limited. If your employer doesn’t outright provide benefits, or even offer a special rate for employees, you don’t have to give up having coverage! One option is to talk with an insurance advisor about your choices. They are good at looking at your current budget, the needs you have in regards to health coverage, and then finding plans that would work for you. They can help you find a plan with a premium that you can afford, and the provisions you need. You can even ask them about a Heath Savings Account if you think that’s a better option! If you still can’t manage outright health insurance, you could also consider alternatives like a Medi-Share plan. There are many online resources about this setup so if you are looking for a solution for your family try checking them out!
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