Now Hiring: Tips for HR Staff

We often cover tips for job applicants here on our blog, from what to wear to how to create the perfect resume.  However, we also see the other side of the hiring process, and that involves employers and their HR staff.  PHR understands that finding quality and competent employees is hard work, and narrowing down applicants can be overwhelming and stressful.  So, how can you make the process easier on you, your current staff, and those applying for the opening(s)?

First, have a plan of action before you ever begin the search.  Know who you want involved in the hiring process, how it will be organized, and have an end-goal in mind.  In other words, if you know you only want your assistant manager to take care of interviews, that needs to be made clear up front, and prepared for ahead of time.  In this same way, if you expect your office staff to manage and organize incoming applications and resumes, they need to know how you want it done and what the expectations are.

Also on the topic of expectations, you need to make your expectations for the open position CLEAR.  What the duties and responsibilities of the position will be each day, what the required hours are, as well as whether there will/will not be an opportunity for overtime, weekend hours, and so forth.  Applicants want to know what they’re getting into, and as long as you are clear and detailed with your job description, only applicants that are truly interested in what you are looking for will apply. This cuts down on the time spent weeding out potential employees that just aren’t a good fit.

Finally, have your information about the job well-written and prepared ahead of time.  Pay, whether hourly or salary-based, number of daily breaks and length of each, vacation and sick leave options, benefits (if any), etc., as well as all education and experience requirements, are important details that applicants will be looking for.  If you are vague with this information, again, you will have applicants unqualified for the job, looking for more pay/more benefits, etc. which will waste your time and the time of your HR team.  It’s better to be up front with details, so you only get employees matching what you’re looking for.

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