When Being Your Own Boss ISN’T Best

In today’s world, entrepreneurship is a hot topic, and “small business” is the trendy keyword that automatically gains cries of support and has communities rallying together.  However, those who are starting these small businesses, whether a local corner coffee joint, a specialty retail store, or a contracted design business, aren’t always thrilled with their new situation.  While being one’s own boss might be a dream for some, there are some people who have tasted that lifestyle and realized it’s just not for them.  It seems like an ideal concept, but there are actually some significant struggles that can come along with owning and running your own business, and could leave you realizing that working for an existing company and answering to a boss isn’t as bad as you thought.

So, why should you not open your own business?

First off, there is a huge amount of financial risk when starting your own company.  Not only do you have to fork out the startup costs, or find investors willing to put their own resources on the line, but you will likely have to go without a paycheck for a period of time until the business is up and running and starts bringing in profit.  If you’re already on shaky ground with your personal budget, opening a business might not be your best move.  Having a consistent paycheck and steady income is important and necessary, and it would be irresponsible to embark on something you’re not financially ready for.

What’s more, you also have a significant amount of time and energy investment expected for a new business endeavor.  You will be working long hours, and will be pouring your heart and soul into starting up a company that may or may not end up being successful.  If you have a family depending on you, this could put heavy strain on your spouse, your significant other, and any children involved as you will be tied up with work dealings much of the time and will likely not have time to participate in their daily lives like you normally would.

Finally, being the boss means YOU are the final straw.  There are no days “off”, no “paid vacations’, or really any other benefits unless YOU provide them for yourself.  While this might seem great up front, it can actually be draining and stressful over time, since you are the one calling all of the shots and don’t have anyone to hand off the reigns to for a break.  Working in a traditional environment offers sick days, vacation time, bonuses, and a myriad of other perks.  Your own business just can’t do that.

If you still think starting a business is for you, we wish you the best of luck!  If you recognize though that working as part of a team or staff is more of your style, then we are here for you!  PHR Staffing Solutions fills openings for clients through the greater Polk County area of Central Florida, and we have positions in industrial, office, management, and even manufacturing fields.  You can apply for our current openings right here on our website, or you can call us for more information.