How Your Online Presence Could Be Hurting Your Job Hunt

In our current online age that is ruled by social media, job candidates could be overlooking a serious factor in why they are getting passed over by HR staff and potential employers.  Applicants can take a lot of time putting together the perfect resume, choosing just the right interview outfit, and practicing their handshake and their personal presentation, but if they aren’t putting thought into their online presence, it could be hurting their chances of finding a job.

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and even YouTube can be very helpful when looking for a job, in that you can share with friends and family what type of position you are looking for, and you can search for open positions being listed by employers.  However, these same outlets can decrease your chances on landing one of those jobs if you are posting and/or sharing things deemed inappropriate or controversial.  For example, applying for a job as a receptionist in a professional environment but using poor grammar, foul language, and posting less-than-presentable photos on your social media accounts isn’t going to match up well. While you might think that your accounts are private or that potential employers can’t see what you put out there, once something is online it becomes public and if bosses want to badly enough, they can find out what they need to about your online presence.  After all, they have to protect their company and their reputation, and if you become their employee, you will be representing that name.

While we understand your social media outlets are for personal use, you can tailor them to make them safer for your job hunt. Avoid posting things that might be deemed questionable by those who don’t know you well.  In other words, if you wouldn’t show it to a recruiter, don’t post it.  Also keep in mind how you post content.  We know that Facebook, Twitter, and other outlets are meant to be a casual, informal place to write, but that’s not an excuse to use grammar or a writing style that is barely understandable.  In the same way, using dirty or derogatory language can only hurt your chances of landing a job, so it’s best to stay away from that type of content.

If you are ready to find a position that is right for you, don’t depend on your own connection alone.  PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help you tailor your search using your skills and qualifications, and our goal is to match you with the perfect opening listed by our employers throughout the Polk County area.  Give us a call to get started or apply for one of our current openings here on our site!