Naughty or Nice: Making the Most of Your Job Search

With the holidays coming up quickly, and businesses seeking out new staff to fill vacancies or offer extra help during a busy season, job-hunters are out in droves putting in applications, sitting for interviews, and looking for the perfect fit. Of course, we work alongside applicants throughout the Polk County area as they look to launch their careers, and we’ve noticed a few unemployment trends that could put you on the Naughty (or Nice) list this Christmas. We want to see you make the most of your job hunt, so here are some ways you can be “nice” and get hired faster this year:

  • Advance your skills! Take opportunities for webinars, training courses, certifications, etc. Having these on your resume sets you apart from the crowd, and better prepares you for any job at hand.
  • Stay current. Leaving your resume as-is for years at a time will put a big NAUGHTY stamp across your employee profile. Your resume needs to be updated often, especially right after you make a job change, complete a training or certification, change addresses, etc. Keeping a current resume lets potential employers get an accurate picture of you from the start, which means you’ll be on your way to a job sooner.
  • Be Merry (and Shine Bright!). Stay active with your job hunt, by following up interviews with thank you notes, sending out emails or making phone calls to check the status of your various applications, etc. Having a cheerful, energetic, yet persistent attitude with your search will make an impact on potential employers and help you stand out when it’s time to make their final selection.

Another way to guarantee your spot on the employment “nice” list, is by employing a staffing agency to help you manage your search for the perfect position. PHR Staffing Solutions is here to serve the greater Central Florida region with top-quality staffing services, and since we work with businesses of all kinds in the Polk County area we have the right job for YOU. Give us a call to get started.