What’s New for YOU in 2018?

With only 5 days left until Christmas, and only a little over a week left in the year 2017, people are looking forward with anticipation. However, if you are currently unemployed, or you are underemployed and work is a constant strain for you, the year ahead might bring more apprehension than excitement. This is the time of year when we take time to sit down and make “resolutions” of what we want to do, or plan to do, in the next 365 days, and while we know “getting a job” (or a better job, as the case may be) is probably at the top of your list, there are always some additional areas to be considered when brainstorming your 2018 resolutions such as…

Health. Getting in your daily ounces of water, remembering to take that vitamin, or hitting the gym are all great things to reach for this year. Regardless of whether your health goals are weight or wellness motivated, becoming a healthier YOU in 2018 is a great addition to your list of plans for the coming months.

Finances. Debt, college for kids, investments (or lack thereof) and many other financial burdens plague many in today’s society. These troubles, and the desire to overcome them, usually make their way onto our list of resolutions. Even if you don’t have any financial burdens, a financial resolution in a new year is a great way to save up for a much-desired vacation or traveling abroad, or even to purchase something you’ve been saving for long-term. Financial goals are worthy of being on your list!

Self-Care. Taking care of yourself goes beyond the health ideas mentioned above. Mentally caring for YOU is also an important part of the coming year. Looking for a job is stressful, so if you’re currently unemployed, you especially want to focus on taking care of your well-being in the coming days and weeks. Take time to read a good book, call a friend, go for a walk, or simply sit and be still. Whatever it takes for you to recharge and feel refreshed, DO IT!

We know that finding new, or better, employment will likely be on your list this year, but don’t forget about areas of your life outside of work like those we mentioned above. While you’re busy with your various resolutions, know that PHR Staffing Solutions recognizes that finding a job you both enjoy and are good at is very important. We can step in and help you find positions that match your qualifications and your desires, and since we provide top-of-the-line applicants to employers throughout the greater Polk County area, we likely have the perfect spot for you! Call us for more information about our current openings, or apply here on our site.