It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Business: How the Upcoming Holidays Can Boost Your Career

So, who’s coming down from the post-Halloween candy crash today and dreading the day ahead? If you’re like most, the day after Halloween (and it’s trick-or-treating madness) doesn’t just affect your kids…it takes a toll on us adults as well. Not only were bedtimes thrown off, sugar levels off the charts, and the morning school routine 100x harder than usual, but you have to deal with making through a work day with less sleep and the grogginess of too many candy bars. If you’re unemployed and currently on the hunt for a new job, the day can be even harder. Who really has the motivation to hit the career path hard when all you want is a nap?

Plus, is anyone really hiring this late in the year?

Well, we have the motivational boost you’ve been looking for, and that is a resounding YES to the question above. Employers are in fact hiring at this time of year, and their openings are getting ready to rev up with the holidays right around the corner. Many retail locations, warehouses, and even local offices tend to hire additional help around the holidays since their end up with more work than their current staff of employees can handle, and that means the opportunities will be ripe for you! While many of the positions will offer “temp” status, the reality is, most business owners know a good thing when they see it, and if you prove yourself a hard and diligent worker during your temporary position, you will most likely be brought on as a longer-term hire.

How can you boost your chances of getting hired as we approach the holiday season?

Well, having your resume updated and ready to go is a huge step. This allows you to be ready and waiting when the interview call comes in. Additionally, you need to be checking local job boards daily for openings, as businesses post new positions throughout the months of November and December as the work load increases and they realize they need more hands on deck to keep the ship running smoothly. Missing one day of checking the posting sites could mean missing your opportunity. Finally, be proactive! If you know of locations that are likely to be hiring around the holidays, take time to go in and hand your resume over to the manager, HR Staff, and/or owner before the rush hits. That puts you at the top of their list when it’s time to hire!

We know the holidays are busy, and if the list above seems like more than you can handle (especially in today’s candy coma!) then PHR is the answer you’re looking for! We do all the steps FOR you, and give you the results. Simply apply with us, and we monitor local openings that match your skills and qualifications. When a good fit comes up, we take care of setting up an interview, and giving you the best possible chance of getting the job. It’s hiring made simple!

Give us a call or apply with us here on our site when you’re ready to get hired.