Admin Assistant 101: Tips for Landing The Job

Here at PHR Staffing Solutions, we hire for companies of all kinds, which means we are continually looking for applicants with a wide variety of skill sets. However, one of the most popular office-environment jobs we receive from employers is that for an administrative assistant (or a similar position) so we’ve learned a thing or two about what makes the best possible fit for this type of job. Since our ultimate goal is to help you get hired, we want to share a few tips wth you to give you a better idea of what you need to brush up on if you think an office admin position might be right for you.

When you’re applying, keep these things in mind:

  • You need to be organized. An office administrative assistant will typically be handling a variety of incoming and outgoing paperwork, filing information and managing data, making notes, receiving and sending emails on behalf of the company, and more. Being an organized individual is a MUST, as losing a single document or missing an important Email could be detrimental to your employer, and would reflect very badly on you.
  • Having a professional presence in person and on the phone matters. As an office admin, you essentially serve as the “face” of the business in many circumstances. You will be the one who greets anyone who comes through the front door, from the delivery man to the next big customer or client arriving to meet with your boss. Being friendly, well-spoken, and knowledgable about basics around the office (where various rooms are located and concise directions to get there, where needed forms or information are kept, etc.) is an important part of the job. In addition, knowing how to speak comfortably and clearly on the phone is a huge part of the position, since you will be taking care of many of the phone calls having to do with the company.
  • Basic computer skills are very helpful. While not always a requirement (although this is rapidly changing in today’s modern, technology-driven world) knowing your way around a computer is a big boost when going in for an admin position. Using word processing software, being familiar with popular platforms (like the Microsoft Office suite) and knowing how to manage emails and online data will make your job easier and will make you more efficient and useful as an employee.

PHR Staffing Solutions is here to make sure you always put your best foot forward in your career, from your resume to your first day on the job. We hope these tips will help you feel confident as you being your job search. Right now, we have a variety of positions open on our site and on our Facebook jobs page, just waiting for YOU (including a just-listed admin position) so apply now and let us help you get hired faster.