Want Better Applicants? A Hiring Agency Could Be The Answer

When you have a vacancy in your staff, your immediate response is most likely to put together a general job description and list of desired qualifications. Then you need to sit down and post it to public platforms, put up hard copies at local businesses, or place an advertisement in a paper or publication that reaches potential employees in your area. While this is the age-old way to find and recruit staff for most employers, it isn’t necessarily the most efficient way in modern times. 

Before we let you in on how you can make finding and hiring staff easier though, we first need to discuss why you should change up your method. When you send out a large-scale call for employees for an opening (or multiple openings) in your company, you are opening yourself up to applications from a wide variety of people. Unfortunately, this leaves you with a HUGE amount of paperwork to weed through, selecting only the best options from the influx of applications and resumes. Then you still have to work through phone interviews, in-person interviews, and all of the necessary paperwork to bring on your choice, only to be disappointed when they don’t work out and you have to start over. The quantity of applicants might be great, but the quality is most certainly lacking when you use a widespread means of pulling potential employees. So, what is the answer? 

A hiring agency, or recruiting agency, could be the answer to your staffing needs. A staffing service can pull only the absolute best candidates for your specific job opening from their existing list of vetted, qualified applicants on file. They take care of the interviewing for you, until the potential leads are down to only a top handful of options. Then, you get to select which you think is the best fit. Even better? Unlike that other model where YOU take the fall if something doesn’t work out, with a hiring agency like PHR Staffing Solutions, you get to “try before you buy” and will have a several-week long period to test the new employee before making a final hire. The payroll, insurance, etc. are provided through us, not your business, until the applicant becomes a permanent employee. 

Business owners in and around Central Florida trust PHR Staffing Solutions to fill vacancies in their staff, and find only the very best employees for the job. We make sure quality, not quantity, is what you receive when it’s time to fill an opening. With locations in Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales we make it easy to help you keep your business running at its best. Give us a call or contact us online to learn more!