3 Tips for Employee Retention During The Pandemic

COVID-19 has certainly rocked every aspect of our world, but the job market has been one of the hardest hit areas in our society. Businesses have been forced to close, either temporarily or permanently depending on their financial situation, employers had to furlough many of their staff, and people lost their jobs in a matter of weeks with no time to prepare. Now that the pandemic has leveled out into some kind of new “normal” many employers are looking around at their existing staff and planning their next steps. One topic we’re hearing frequently in the world of business owners and employers is how to go about retaining existing employees, and new staff, in the midst of so much uncertainty and fear. We get it. It’s hard to know how to keep your staff happy while continuing to run your business efficiently and smoothly when the world outside your doors has changed so drastically in the recent months. 
We want to help. Here are three tips to help you plan for employee retention and what it might look like in the coming year: 

  1. Think outside of the box. Many employees don’t yet feel safe going into the office or workplace, so if you are able to let them do their jobs from home, DO IT! Not only are you making them feel understood and appreciated by working with them, but you are actually saving yourself from the risk that comes with more employees being on-site. If your business is capable of letting ALL employees work from home, that’s even better! Minimal risk, and you save the overhead cost of paying for electricity, water usage, etc. that comes with having more people in the office each day. 
  2. Support good health and local mandates as an employer. Even if you don’t agree with your local government’s decisions, your employees look to you to protect them and their best interest when they come into the workplace. If your staff has to be on site to do their jobs, the responsible choice as a business owner is to make it as easy as possible for them to comply with local orders. That could include providing masks for employees, ensuring that hand sanitizer and/or washing stations are plentiful and easy to access/clean, having a posted cleaning and sanitizing protocol, etc. Also, do your best to arrange your office or workplace in such a way that social distancing is easy to do, without too much effort on the part of your employees. Having a plan in place makes your employees feel secure and protected, and that goes a long way in their loyalty to you and your business. 
  3. Re-evaluate your benefits packages. Many people are afraid of becoming ill and having no way to afford the needed medical care for themselves and their families. That alone could make them seek employment elsewhere if your benefits are sub-par. Consider talking with an insurance advisor who can help you plan for adequate coverage for your staff while staying within your budget. 

PHR Staffing Solutions is here to support business owners in and around Polk County during this time as they navigate running a business and overseeing employees. By offering quality applicants for vacancies in your staff we take the stress of recruiting, interviewing, and hiring off your plate, so you can focus on more important things like providing the best environment for your existing staff and keeping your profits up so you can continue in growth and success. Give us a call and find out which of our services would work best for your business!