Social Media and Your Job Search: How to Use Online Platforms for Your Benefit

Social media and online platforms have become a hot spot for businesses of all sizes. The internet opened up an entirely new world of advertising possibilities, including the opportunity to advertise job openings online across a variety of mediums to reach more potential applicants and expand the hiring pool. PHR specializes in helping our business clients utilize these platforms to fill their staffing needs quickly and efficiently, but we also want to help YOU, the job applicant, use these platforms to your benefit alongside your relationship with your recruiter or staffing agency.
Obviously, not every job “listing” you see online is legitimate, and unfortunately, there are many scams that float around and ensnare desperate individuals who are unemployed and sincerely want a job. So, how do you know the difference between a quality job posting, and those that are bogus, and which platforms work the best for serious applicants who are ready to get hired?
Facebook. Fortunately, Facebook is pretty solid when it comes to job listings. They have cracked down on false schemes, and are (relatively) thorough with making sure postings and business pages are legitimate. As an applicant, you can use Facebook to directly apply for jobs through the app or online platform. To find openings near you, simply run a search through the “jobs” tab (found in the lefthand tool bar), select your criteria, and jump headfirst into finding jobs that interest you and getting your name in the running. It’s simple, pretty safe, and can yield good results, especially if you can find openings in your immediate area that fit your skill set. Note: remember to keep your personal profile professional, clean, and ready to be seen by potential employers since this will likely be their first impassion of you!
LinkedIn. LinkedIn is often overlooked as a “social media” platform by individuals, but businesses have been utilizing it for years and have seen great results! LinkedIn offers a variety of networking opportunities for professionals and business owners alike, and it could be a great way for you to build business connection that could lead to your ideal job opportunity. Building your profile is simple, and in just a few short steps you’ll be on your way to networking and “rubbing elbows” with professionals in your area without ever leaving home.
Twitter: Interested in a specific type of job? Look up businesses in your area that focus on that field, and follow them on Twitter! While it might not seem like the most “professional” approach, companies and business owners will often post their job opportunities across multiple platforms (we do here at PHR!) and if you are following a variety of companies, you’ll be one of the first to see those listings. If you see something interesting, the next step is to click on the available link if one is provided, or call the phone number (or use the Email address) given by the business in their profile.
We know that job hunting takes an incredible amount of time, effort, and commitment. While social media is a wonderful supplemental option in finding a job, if you need to get hired NOW, a staffing agency is the way to go. PHR Staffing Solutions works closely with you to develop your resume, take care of background checks and other hurdles up front, so you are ready and waiting when the calls for interviews start coming in. By streamlining the process and walking you through it, you are more likely to land the job you want faster. Give us a call or apply for one of our current openings here on our site!