More Than A Lucky Few: How PHR Is Increasing Employment in Polk County

St. Patrick’s Day is just days away! Are you looking forward to celebrating with friends, or simply settling in to enjoy your good “luck” with a quiet evening at home? Luck is a widespread topic around this holiday, yet, many of us don’t feel very lucky at all. This is especially true for those who are currently unemployed and seeking opportunities here in Polk County. Finding a job can be hard, and whether or not they say it outright, many applicants are treating the process of hunting for employment like luck of the draw, rather than a plan to be executed.

That’s where PHR Staffing Solutions comes in. We don’t count on luck to find the perfect position for you. Rather, we count on years of experience, knowledge of the local job market, connections with quality employers in and around the Central Florida area, and a team that is committed to making the hiring process as smooth as possible for each client we serve. Where some hand in an application with local employers, close their eyes, and wish for a job, we actually have a plan to set you up for success before you ever hand that application in, and then offer extensive resources and support. Essentially you get hired with PHR first, and we place you in jobs that we believe are great opportunities for you and your future.

So, you could leave your job search up to good fortune. Or you could call on the pros and let us be your “lucky charm”. Simply call us for more information, or apply for any of our current openings here on our site, or over on our Facebook page. Our goal is to see you get hired quickly in a job you love. We want to see more than a lucky few get hired this year…we want to see everyone who comes through our door placed in such a way that their career is set up for success from here on out.

Are you ready to get started? We’re waiting for you!