It’s in The Details: Why You Should Be Specific on Your Resume

When job hunting, specifically if you’ve been searching for a significant period of time, writing and re-writing your resume can be tiresome. If can feel as if you have nothing left to say, and nothing to set you apart from your peers who seem to keep landing their sought-after jobs. However, you could be overlooking something important on your resume that is leaving you behind your job-hunting counterparts.


The devil is, after all, in the details.

Having a specific, detailed resume is important for your job search because if gives your potential employer actual, tangible examples of your work and experience, rather than a generalized summary of what you’ve done in the past. A few key details to keep in mind when writing your resume include:

  • Specific name(s) of previous employers. Including company names and contact information instead of generic terms like “warehouse” or “doctor’s office” is key to standing out and giving HR staff confidence in your work history and previous experience.
  • List actual dates of employment. Along with each of your previous employers and their corresponding information, you should also list specific dates for which you worked with them. This is another way to build a level of confidence with potential employers and/or HR departments.
  • Focus on specific skill sets used/learned during your previous employment experience. For example, if you worked in multiple office positions, but one had you primarily handling paperwork filing, organization, and data entry, but another was face-to-face time with clients, answering phones, and handling customer service, you need to have that information listed along with the employer info. Doing so will show that you have a much wider variety of skills than just a general term like “office assistant.”

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