The ONE Key Secret to Developing, and Keeping, Quality Employees

Employee retention is a major topic of discussion for employers, and it comes with plenty of “secrets” and “tips” that supposedly help you develop, and keep, high quality staff. Truthfully, the term “quality” employee could, in most cases, be interchanged with “loyal” employee, since an employee that is loyal to you and your brand will most likely offer high-quality work within their position. While there is a wide variety of information floating around about how you can ensure loyalty from your own staff, there is really just one key element at the root of the issue that will (usually) guarantee a quality, committee employee base.

Do unto others as you’d have them do to you.

This age-old piece of wisdom has likely been shared by wise figures in your life. Many of us remember hearing it muttered by our mothers or grandmothers as they encouraged us to treat our peers (and siblings) with respect and kindness as we ourselves would want. However, it’s easy to lose sight of this simplistic principle song the way which can lead to the downfall of your business endeavors as a boss.

Employees simply want to be treated with respect, dignity, and compassion, no different than you would desire if you were in their place. While laziness or deceitful behavior is most certainly not condoned, an employee asking to use one of their sick days so they can stay home with a sick child, or a worker who needs to leave the office early because of a family emergency, will remember how you responded to their need and that will usually be reflected in their work over time. If you treat them with compassion, and concern, over their situation, they will be more apt to repay you with loyalty to your company, and by going above and beyond the next time you need them. Reacting to employee needs with harshness, condescending tones, or lack of concern will not do much for their opinion of you, and the first time the chance at another opportunity comes along, you’ll be spending your time looking for new staff members.

At PHR Staffing Solutions, we strive to treat our employees and employers who trust us with the utmost respect and concern. We really do want to find the perfect match for each applicant that walks through our door, and we know that unemployment leads to a myriad of both long and short-term hardships. Our goal is to help applicants get hired faster, and to help you, the business owner, find employees that meet the needs of your company and build a support system for your brand. We are proud to serve the greater Polk County area of Central Florida, and we are ready to help you grow your business with quality staff. Give us a call to get started!