Privacy in the Workplace: Solutions for the Everyday Office

If you reflect back on your days in school, especially during your college years, privacy while working on homework assignments and various projects was probably hard to come by. Dorm rooms usually had roommates and/or friends hanging around, libraries were full of everyone else trying to find their own spot to work, and cafes or coffee shops just don’t offer the quiet, enclosed space needed for quality work. Modern-day universities are trying to incorporate more quiet, private spaces for students who need them (like sound-proofed work rooms in libraries, or smaller study rooms where quiet is required) but past the college days, individuals again face the frustration of trying to complete a full day’s work while overcoming the lack of privacy and quiet needed to get the job done.

While upscale, large offices in big cities are opting for some creative and very out-of-the-box (or in the box as you’ll see) solutions like these found here, most offices can’t afford, or don’t have the space for, these types of options. What then, can your everyday office space do to give employees the privacy and quiet they desire, while staying within their space and budget?

First, it might be worth finding out how difficult (and expensive) it would be to turn your singular, large, open-air office space into smaller offices. Even if you don’t add full office spaces, you could have half-walls added to give separation for employees. If the option of renovating your current space to meet your needs is an option within your budget, go for it! Your employees will appreciate the change, and you’ll likely be glad for the increased efficiency from your staff.

Next up to the table if you can’t actually renovate the office is the choice to add temporary solutions that incorporate privacy for employees by providing a barrier for each work space. Cubicles, desks with high sides and backs, or even curtains in some cases can give your workers a sense of having their own space, and while the above options won’t necessarily offer full sound-proofing for private conversations, it will at least give a visual barrier and encourage staff to stay on task rather than becoming distracted and/or socializing.

Finally, if adding barriers isn’t a choice, simply moving around your current furniture can help! Place desks or work stations in such a way that there is plenty of space between each employee, and if possible, angle desks away from one another, or have them with their backs facing other employees. This won’t offer much for privacy, but it will help keep staff working hard in their own area, will will help keep productivity up. If you still have one or two employees requesting more privacy, consider having a small room or closet renovated into a simple work space where they can escape temporarily just to get a difficult job taken care of, or have a phone call in private.

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