Beyond Business: When Interview Questions Go Deeper

Receiving news that you are scheduled for an interview after going through the process of searching through lists of openings and filling out endless applications feels like a huge accomplishment…and it is! However, the process of getting ready for an interview requires just as much work as the application, and how you prepare for the questions can be the difference between getting the job, and being back at square one in your career hunt. Obviously, preparing for some portions of the interview (like questions involving your education background, experience in similar jobs, etc.) are all easy to come up with answers for, and don’t require a lot of personal thought or prep. Some interviewers or potential employers though go a little deeper, and some of the questions can require more personal answers.

A very common “personal’ question included in interviews is, in short, “What is your favorite charity/charity of choice?” and the answer you give will require some forethought on your part. Truthfully, preparing for this question can actually start now, before you ever even get an interview, especially if you aren’t currently involved in any volunteer work or charities. Think about local organizations or nonprofits that might pertain to the type of job you’re looking for, and use some of your time or resources to help support them, and therefore, gain the benefit of adding them to your resume. These types of local connections look great to employers and can give you a leg up from the competition. If you’re already committed to a local charity, think about how your volunteer tasks and/or responsibilities within the organization could connect with some of the required skills and abilities for the jobs you want. These commonalities between the volunteer hours you are already doing and the job you want to have are a great way to make you look more marketable to potential employers.

PHR Staffing Solutions is here to make the process of forming these connections between your current background, list of skills, local charity work, etc. and the jobs that you want. We work with companies and employers throughout the Central Florida region, providing top-quality staff for the temporary, part-time, or full-time employment needs. We know how to make you look the best you can for the entire process, from offering resume writing services to walking you through background checks, interviews, and even giving support during the first few weeks on the job. Give us a call to get started on your career journey, or you can begin by simply applying for one of our current openings here on our site. We can’t wait to help you get hired.