Ready to Work, Rain or Shine: Employment Opportunities to Meet Your Needs

Central Florida has had no shortage of rain in the past week, and that leaves many people longing for the sun. Perhaps no one is as ready for the clouds to clear out than those who work in an outdoor environment, as they are suffering the consequences from the weather all day, every day, and not just during their morning jaunt from the car to the building and back again in the afternoon. While it might seem silly to consider weather (or other conditions) when choosing a job, certain environment factors can actually affect your success in certain positions. So, what should you watch for when you are choosing which applications are worth your time, and which ones you should leave behind?
Believe it or not, weather actually is something to consider. If you have a health condition that would be exacerbated by being in wet or damp conditions, or if you are simply miserable when wet, an outdoor environment in a place that receives a fair amount of rain each year would probably not be the best choice for you. While that landscaping opening or construction gig might sound appealing when the weather is breezy and sunny, the first few thunderstorms could have you rethinking your decision, and no one wants to get a bad label on their name for backing out of a hire. From another perspective, an outdoor job would also be difficult for you if you struggle with overheating, can’t be in the sun due to skin and/or vision sensitivities, etc. as Florida is known as the Sunshine State and taking an outdoor job here means you’ll be spending lots of personal time with the sun.
Another environmental factor to consider when looking at indoor positions is the amount of (or lack of) physical labor. If you are unable to handle lifting or heavy physical labor, a warehouse job or packing position might not be the best choice for you. In that same way, some people are physically unable to sit for long periods of time or be stationary for many hours a day, so an office job requiring lots of time behind a desk would be difficult to manage. Knowing your own limitations and strengths is key in making a decision about which work environments would be best for you.
Fortunately for applicants here in Polk County, PHR Staffing Solutions has no shortage of employment opportunities in a variety of work environments, so you know you can always find something that fits your own unique needs, skills, and desires in a job. We work with you from the application through the hiring day, to make sure you are being set up for success. Give us a call and find out how we can help you get hired NOW, or apply for one of our current openings online.