My Kids Have Graduated…Now What?

May is a month of milestones, with graduations happening for kindergarteners all the way up to college students, and that means many parents are facing new phases of life. Whether it be sending your baby off to their first year of full-day elementary school, or moving your recent college grad into their first apartment and out of your (now empty) nest, changes can be hard, and leave you feeling a bit lost as you navigate your next steps. For new empty nesters, the feelings are magnified as their children are moving on with their lives, and the hours can seem empty. However, this doesn’t have to be looked at as the end of something. Instead, why not look  at it as a new beginning for YOU?
Having free time following your children moving out means you have the opportunity to pursue things you might have put aside during your years of hands-on parenting. Oftentimes this can include furthering your current career, going back to school and/or launching a new career. We believe it’s better late than never, and if you’ve been putting off making your employment goals happen, why not go for it now? PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help you. How? We offer…
  • Resume assistance. If it’s been a (long) while since you updated your resume, we can help you put together a profile that will impress potential employers as you search for a new job or seek promotion within your current situation.
  • Job hunting. We do the work of researching, and gathering information for, various jobs that are suited for you and your existing skills and qualifications. That means you can spend more time focusing on adjusting to your new normal without the stress of looking for a new position.
  • Help with applications and interviews. We help you take care of all necessary background checks, application paperwork, and other prerequisites for any positions you’d like to pursue, and then we’ll make sure you feel confident and prepared going into the interview.
  • Support following the hire. When you choose PHR, you are being hired by us FIRST, so you get a “test run” at a job before actually being hired on with their company. Paperwork, salary, etc. are managed by us so you are protected if something just doesn’t fit once you get on the job. We’re here to answer questions or address concerns, and to serve as a support system as you grow into your new career.
Congratulations on making it through graduation with your own child(ren), and good luck on your next adventure. If that adventure includes kickstarting your career, you know who to call! We are Polk County’s number one choice for staffing and employment needs, and we are here for you.