Think Forward: How Ambition Propels Your Career

Job interviews are notorious for including several “standard” questions, such as inquiries about your education, your preferred work environment (flying solo or team effort), and, the age old, “Where do you see yourself in 5 years?” When it comes to that last question, many applicants struggle. Whether it’s because they literally haven’t thought that far ahead in their career, or because they have had some derailments or setbacks on their journey to their job goals and are feeling discouraged, it can be difficult to nail down exactly what you want to accomplish after the hire at your current job or in a new position.
The first thing to address is why this question is important to an employer. Having a confident and well-thought through answer to this inquiry shows potential employers that you are motivated  and are thinking forward for the future. Instead of being a placid employee who is happy to just stay static (and therefore, have little or no motivation to go the extra mile or work your hardest), you have the desire to move up the ladder and will put in the work to make that happen. This type of employee is highly desirable, so in an interview, the future goals question is a great way for interviewers to easily weed out the candidates they want to look into further from the ones who just aren’t a good fit for the job.
Once an employer knows you are a good fit, they might be interested to have you expound on your previous answer, and that’s when you’ll want to have your priorities clearly laid out. Things like your preferred (end-goal) position within the company, desired results from various projects, and even retirement ambitions. Your answers to these more intense questions give clarification of what your motivators are, and what your vision for your own future (and the future of your position within the company) looks like. This is what helps employers or HR staff narrow down the candidates to the final choice and makes them feel secure about making that hire.
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