Temp to Long-Term: How Temporary Positions Can Help You Land Your Dream Job

Temp jobs certainly have their place in the world of employment, but most applicants assume they are just for those who need a secondary (or third) job for extra income, or for those who are “transient” and don’t desire a long-term commitment when it comes to their work. This means that many job hunters pass over temp opportunities, opting instead to keep looking for long-term, more permanent openings. Unfortunately, this could be a big mistake, and we’d like to share 3 reasons that temporary job openings can play a big part in your landing your (long-term) dream job in the future.
Keep this in mind the next time a temp opportunity pops up for you!
  1. Temp jobs give you better quality (and more) references for your resume. Potential employers love references, as they can give a firsthand account of how well an applicant does his or her job, what their work ethic is like, and what their strengths/weaknesses might be. If your only references are friends or family members, it won’t give employers a great impression since they won’t be able to glean objective facts. If you have built a resume of work references, especially from superiors who have seen your work and had you answer to them as an employee, you’re more likely to move up the “hot list” of applicants for the job you want!
  2. Temp jobs give you more work experience. This is especially true of younger applicants and/or those who have just graduated. If you have little to no experience in your field outside of school, you could likely be passed over for the best jobs in favor of applicants who can bring real-life experience to the table. Temp jobs let you build your work experience, without committing to a long-term job that might not be specifically what you were looking for.
  3. You can benefit from additional trainings and skill-building while getting paid at the same time! Many companies offer training for new employees, and/or put you with a “helper” of some sort to assist you in your position. If you are working as a temporary employee, you can benefit from these same resources, and then carry over what you learned to new jobs in the future. That makes you very appealing to potential employers!
PHR Staffing Solutions works with quality companies throughout the Polk County area in Central Florida, helping employers find both long-term and temporary employees to fill vacancies in their staff, or add to their list of workers as their business grows. We help our applicants find the perfect job for their skills and qualifications, and will walk with you from the moment you fill out the application, through the interviews and final hire process. We even offer post-hire support to make sure you’re happy in your new job and ready to be successful in your career endeavors.
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