Success: How Do You Measure Achievement?

As an employee, success is an important topic. Everyone sets out in life wanting to be “successful”, but that word can carry different meanings that are very personal to the person in question. For example, some consider success to be measured with financial wealth, while others would be labeled successful if he or she made it to the top of the chain with their employer. For others, achievement is measured by freedom, whether monetary or personal, and could involve being able to travel and experience life or spending time with the ones they care about. Knowing how you measure success is a huge part of building your career. So, how do you measure your achievements and use them to set goals for the future?

Knowing the answer to this question is a huge part of launching your career, and moving forward in whatever job you choose. The type of position you pursue is largely determined by how you measure success, as your goals and desires will determine how well you do the job at hand. For example, if you find fulfillment in relationships and measure your success by your friendships and daily interactions with people, a job sitting behind a desk all day behind a computer might not be the best way for you to shine. In the same way, if your main goal is to “make it” in the financial world, and you desire a higher style of living, working for a non-profit or small-scale company is likely not the best way for you to meet your goal. Being able to match your qualifications, desires, and skills with your goals for the future are a huge part of being “successful”, whatever that definition may be for you personally.

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