Temporary Employees, Long-Term Benefits for Your Business: How A Staffing Agency Can Help You

When you think about hiring a “temp” (short term or contracted employee), it’s likely only during circumstances requiring a stand-in for an existing employee who is away for a time due to sickness, maternal/paternal leave, or bereavement, OR as a filler for a position until you can hire a permanent employee. While these are both perfectly good reasons to hire a temp, they aren’t the only reasons. You can also consider a temporary employee for busy seasons when you need an extra set of hands and/or eyes, for a specific project when you need a particular skill set, or during a time of growth in your office. Sometimes these employees can come on as long-term staff, and other times you simply need extra help and then are willing to let them move on. Whatever the setup, here are ways that temporary staff can actually help your business and why using a staffing agency to find them is your best route…
  • Higher productivity and efficiency from existing staff. Temporary employees serve as that “extra set of hands’ you need when the work load gets tough, and that means your existing staff can focus on their given duties and jobs instead of getting distracted by extra tasks that come up thanks to the influx of business. By helping balance out the work load, you are keeping your efficiency and productivity levels high, without having to commit to a full-time hire (who also requires full time benefits and salary package).
  • Lowered costs for your business. Since a temp employee is hired by the staffing agency (that’s us in this case), and not by you, you are exempt from providing their salary and benefits. While the cost-per-hour may break down to be slightly more, the overhead costs of a temporary employee are much lower than that of your own full-time staff, and you are also able to set the hours you can afford, since you aren’t required to give them a 40-hour workweek.
  • Better statistics. If you continually have an ebb and flow of work load, and are regularly increasing/decreasing your staff, unemployment claims could start to mar your record. When you hire an employee, and then let them go, they can file for unemployment benefits which increases the overhead costs for you. With a staffing agency, you know the employees you need will be there under times of stress and high work load, and can then move on when their services are no longer needed. You get the help you require, they get the pay they want, and no one loses money in the process. It’s a win-win!
For businesses in and around the greater Polk County area, PHR Staffing Solutions is the answer to your employment needs. Not only do we provide full-time applicants and high-quality potential employees for companies throughout Central Florida, but we also have plenty of pre-qualified temporary employees as well, just waiting to fill the vacancies in your office for as long as needed. We go through an extensive application, interview, and background check process to ensure that you are getting the very best from our applicants, regardless of the type of position or duration of the hire. Give us a call and see what we can do for YOU!