Is Your Resume a Triple-Threat?

Your resume is the cornerstone of your job hunt and application process, since it provides potential employers and HR staff with all of the basic information needed to determine if you are a good candidate for their opening. Your educational background, your work experience and credentials, your specialized qualifications, and even previous volunteer experience are included on your resume to give a “summary” of your professional life, and making sure it’s written and presented well is key in getting hired quickly in a career you want. Simply checking for typos and making sure your resume reads well aren’t the only things you need to worry about though. The content of the resume is only the first part. To truly make your resume a “triple threat”, you need to keep a few additional things in mind.

We live in a highly digitized age, which means your resume will most likely be transferred from one digital device to another as it goes from your computer, to the HR staff, to the employer, or even to a staffing agency like PHR. Because each type of device can display content differently, your resume might look wonderful on your own laptop screen, but could end up jumbled and difficult to read on the tablet of the business owner with whom you’re applying. To make sure your resume is coming through the way you intend, try sending it to several friends who can let you know if it does/doesn’t come through properly. Also take time to view your resume from not just a computer, but also from mobile devices like tablets and smartphones. This means you can be confident that your resume will be received exactly how you intended no matter how an employer is reading it.

Additionally, your resume might end up being printed off as a hard copy for HR supervisors and/or employers. Whether for preference, or company policy, a hard copy of your resume (printed on paper) could look different than it did on a computer or tablet screen. It’s worth taking your time, and your ink, to print off a copy at home before sending it off to the recipients. This will not only let you proofread at another level (sometimes you catch mistakes you didn’t notice when reading from the screen) but it will also ensure that the format you chose will print well and be easy to read. Font size, ink color, etc. should be professional, clear-cut, and of an appropriate size to guarantee easy reading by the HR staff, staffing agency, and/or employer.

By having quality, detailed content in your resume, a professional format, and paying attention to the manner in which it’s received (digital or print), your resume will truly be a “triple threat” and will increase your chances of being noticed and getting hired. For assistance in writing and organizing your resume, and for finding jobs that match your qualifications and your needs, PHR Staffing Solutions is here for you. We serve the greater Lakeland area as a top-quality recruiter for local companies seeking quality, professional employees. We are the “matchmaker” for employers and applicants, and not only do we help you get the job, but we offer post-hire support once you’ve landed the position! Give us a call or apply for one of our current openings online.