Congrats Graduate, You’re Hired! 3 Reasons Why A Recent Grad Could Be Good for Your Business

As we approach the season of graduations, many college seniors are looking toward the future with hopes and dreams of launching their careers and spreading their wings in the working world. Many seasoned professionals and business owners tend to roll their eyes, knowing that these green, new additions to businesses can be a little too excited about their new job, and can sometimes be overly exuberant about coming int the office each day. However, if you are a business owner you might want to rethink your stance on hiring a fresh-off-of-campus college graduate for your next opening. Here’s why:
  1. New Perspective and Current Ideas. Recent graduates have just come out of four (or more) years of learning the most current trends, statistics, and information about their field. That can be good for you as an employer if your existing staff is seasoned and experienced. There are many benefits to having a well broken in group of employees, but much can be gained from a new set of eyes as well. It could be exactly what your business needs to take the next step and grow!
  2. Try Before You Buy with Internships. An internship is appealing to a college graduate because it gives them a chance to wet their feet in the working world, but it can also be very appealing to business owners. Why? Well, you essentially get a “trial period” with a new employee without the risk of a full hire.
  3. Lower Costs. It’s no secret, recent graduates with little or no experience expect much less in regards to salary than their more experienced counterparts who are applying for the same job. For you, that means you can have the same amount of work done for less money out of pocket to start, and that could be a good thing for you if you are trying to expand and grow responsibly and pace out your finances.
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