Why You Shouldn’t Be Timid with Temp-to-Hire Positions

“Temp-to-Hire” positions tend to have a stigma that often leaves applicants side-eyeing them from a distance and passing them over when it’s time to inquire about employment opportunities. People who are seeking a job to offer a steady paycheck, a leg up in their career, or full-time hours usually look at temp jobs as something menial and/or something that will only last a very short while and then they’ll be left looking for employment again. Why bother with a temp position when you could apply for full-time openings instead, right?

Actually, temp-to-hire positions, such as those often seen here with PHR Staffing Solutions, offer some HUGE benefits for applicants. Instead of passing them over, keep these thoughts in mind…

  • Temp-to-hire jobs offer a paycheck in the interim while you wait to see if you have landed the full-time opportunity with the company. Sure, you could pass over the temporary positions and head straight to the openings offering an outright hire, but if you don’t end up getting it, you’re no better off than your current unemployed situation, and are likely sitting without any source of income. If you are qualified for a temp position, why not put yourself forward and take a chance on the opportunity to make some financial gain while you continue to apply for full-time openings and wait to see if you end up with a full-time job after your temp period is up?
  • Temporary jobs get your foot in the door with employers. Many temp-to-hire jobs are just that…they are a temporary position that you work until you are offered a complete hire. In some situations they are a “probation” period, when an employer can watch you work, evaluate your progress, and decide whether or not he/she wants to make you a long-term part of their staff. If you don’t take the time to work the temp hours, you lose your chance at that full-time job with that business. Even if you don’t end up with a full-time position from that specific temp job, if you offer an outstanding performance, employers are going to remember that and could try to fit you in somewhere else in the company just to keep you on!
  • Temp positions help you build up your resume. Even if some of the jobs are temp only, and don’t turn into full-time employment, they can still be listed on your resume. For those who have little to no work experience, this can be huge in helping you land a great job farther down the line. Utilize temp jobs as much as possible to bulk up your experience and reference list, and make yourself marketable to employers in the future.

Interested in seeing how a temp-to-hire job can work for you? We are ready to help! PHR Staffing Solutions recruits for jobs of all kinds with businesses throughout the greater Polk County area of Central Florida. We will work with you to match your current skills, qualifications, and needs with a job that fits YOU. Give us a call to get started!