What to Do When Your New Job Costs $$$

If you are currently unemployed, chances are that finances are a hot topic, especially if you are the sole breadwinner in your household, or you live alone and provide for all of your own needs. Not having a paycheck coming in regularly can be stressful, and it makes you overly aware of how each penny is being spent. While on your job hunt, you likely have cut purchases down to the very, bare minimum, and we understand. But, what if a job you are confident in, and are qualified for, will cost you money?

Some jobs require specific trainings and/or certifications, equipment, clothing, etc. for you to be hired. For example, welding positions often require that you supply your own hood and gloves, warehouse openings ask that you own steel-toed boots, and of course, childcare positions usually ask for updated proof of your certifications in the state of Florida, etc. Each of these things costs money up front, and can make the difference in you getting the job. So, how should you handle this situation?

Here are several options and tips that we hope will help:

  • Make borrowing your first option. When it comes to equipment and/or clothing for a new job, if you can find someone willing to let you borrow the items until you can get started in the job and earn the first few paychecks, it can be very helpful for your financial situation. Consider asking around about people working the same job for which you are applying, but perhaps a different shift, so you could trade off the equipment for a period of time. People who have retired from the trade are also great to ask!
  • If you can’t borrow, buy secondhand. Many types of clothing and equipment required for specific jobs can be bought secondhand through thrift shops or online sellers. Simply research online or check your local thrift stores and see what treasures you come up with.
  • For certifications and trainings (and even for equipment mentioned above), the fees can be costly if you aren’t prepared. If you have savings you can pull, it could be worth it in the long run since it will provide a long-term financial solution in the form of a regular paycheck. Once you have the job, you can “pay yourself back” and rebuild your savings. No savings to pull? If you have a credit card, we typically suggest avoiding its use when you are unemployed, but if paying for your certification with the card will get you the job, it’s an option to consider based upon your own unique circumstances.

We hope this helps you weigh out when it’s worth spending money to land a job, and how you should go about getting the things you need for your new career. If you are still actively searching for a new position, PHR Staffing Solutions is here for you. Give us a call to get started on your job hunt today!