Putting Your Best Foot Forward: Giving Your Business (and Staff!) a Boost in 2018

Now that Christmas is behind us, we are all looking at the New Year on the horizon and gearing up for 2018. Preparing for the new year has many people making resolutions about health, finances, personal growth, or even items to check off of their bucket list, but for business owners, ringing in a new year involves other types of preparation as well. When you are the head of a business, regardless of the size, you know that the upcoming year means not only managing yourself, but also a team of employees, and all of the personal and financial efforts that come along with them. However, it’s key to remember that your staff is worth that effort, because they are the heart and soul of your company!

There are many ways you can give your staff a “boost’ this coming year, to make sure they are happy, efficient, and ready to help you continue to be successful and grow throughout 2018 and beyond. Ideas to consider include:

  • A facelift. Giving your office space a facelift can be a huge morale boost for you and for your employees. Whether it’s sprucing up the bathrooms, adding a new break area, or giving your employees better desk and seating options, making the area where you must work each day more inviting is a great way to kick off a new year.
  • New Incentives. Everyone loves incentives, from small children receiving stickers for their efforts, to adults working hard for their next work bonus. There are many types of incentives you could use to keep your staff energized and excited about their daily work. Perhaps you could offer a special staff lunch for quotas being met on time, or give an employee a day off for reaching a certain number of sales/calls/etc. for a particular time period. Whatever you choose as the motivation, your staff will be sure to perk up and work harder if they have some type of reward to look forward to.
  • Make your staff feel appreciated. Holidays aren’t the only time you can recognize your staff as people outside of the work they do each day. Hosting periodic business breakfasts, taking your employees out for dinner, or simply picking up a surprise box of donuts for the break room are all ways you can remind you staff that they are noticed and appreciated.
  • Motivational training. Consider having your entire office (YOU included!) take some kind of motivational training. Learning together about topics such as teamwork can offer tools for making your business stronger from the ground up.

We hope these ideas help spark a plan for your business this coming year. We know your goal is to grow and thrive, and that’s our goal for you too. That’s why PHR Staffing Solutions is the trusted choice for employers throughout the Polk County area when it’s time for them to fill vacancies in their staff or grow their team. Applicants know we will match them with positions that they are qualified and prepared for, and business owners know we will only give them the very best potential employees, so you know you can rest and let us handle your job search or your search for the perfect fit on your company’s team. Give us a call to learn more or to get started!