Top 3 Resume Mistakes (And How to Prevent Them)

Applying for a job? The process of searching for, applying for, and interviewing for a new position is both exciting and stressful, and can seem to go on forever if you don’t find the perfect fit on the first try. While the interviews are intimidating and the job openings can be hard to come by, perhaps the most difficult part of putting yourself out on the line to get hired is writing your resume. After all, your resume is essentially your “first impression” with a potential employer, and if it’s not a good one, you will be passed by. Unfortunately, resumes are also one of the most likely places you’ll make a mistake, and those mistakes can be costly in a competitive job market.
So, what should you watch out for when crafting your resume? 

  1. Typos. From misspelling words to using incorrect punctuation, having typos and grammar/spelling mistakes in your resume is a certain turn-off for employers and/or HR personnel. Not only can it make them question your competence (especially if there are many mistakes or repeated issues) but it can also show them that you lack attention to detail. Prevent this by utilizing spell and grammar checks in your computer or device if possible, AND by having a friend, family member, or even a paid professional read and check your resume for these types of problems. The more safeguards against typos, the better! 
  2. Incorrect information. Your resume will likely include a list of personal and professional references, work history, and your own contact information. Taking the time to double check all of the phone numbers, Email addresses, mailing addresses, and so forth included with these various individuals or businesses is key in having a well put together resume. Even more important? Having your own contact information up to date and correct. Double check all digits and characters in phone numbers and Email addresses especially, since these are the most likely methods an employer would use to contact you and/or your references. 
  3. Unprofessional appearance. A resume that shows up in an unprofessional font (hello Comic Sans!), is printed in a non-traditional color, or is sloppy/wrinkled/stained/etc. is definitely not a great way to make a good impression. If you deliver a hard copy of your resume, make sure it is printed on clean, crisp white or linen paper in black ink. Choose a traditional font (Times New Roman, Arial, Helvetica, etc. are usually acceptable choices) and deliver the resume stapled neatly in the corner, or, if you really want to impress, deliver it in a high quality folder in a tasteful color (like navy or black). 

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