Springtime Wellness: 5 Tips for Staying Healthy at Work

As we are nearing the end of February and gearing up for March, spring is on the minds of many, and for good reason! It’s time to welcome the warmer weather, sunshine, and feeling of being just this close to Spring Break and whatever it brings for you, whether that’s traveling or spending a few days of down time closer to home with your family and not having to worry about the hectic school drop-off/pickup schedule. Spring also brings relief of many common winter ailments, right? Well, that’s partially true. While colds and the flu don’t tend to be as prevalent during warmer weather, they’re still lurking. What’s more, spring brings the pollen and that means allergies. Its inevitable that you’ll be stuck at the office at some point when not feeling your best, and you might not always be able to leave immediately. 

Here are some tips for making the springtime sniffles just a little more bearable if you’re stuck at work, and how to keep them from spreading to everyone else! 

  • Make tissues a regular part of your desk decor. Don’t skimp! A piece of 1-ply, scratchy facial tissue might be fine for an occasional dab at your nose after a sneeze, but after the 100th wipe of a runny nose thanks to hay fever, your face will thank you if you’ve invested in good quality, soft and absorbent tissues. It doesn’t have to be an eyesore! Many brands offer a wide variety of box designs and colors now, and if you can’t find something tolerable, you can always buy a tissue box cover or secondary container to dress up your desk. 
  • Have a good lip balm on hand, preferably a plain, non-colored and non-flavored variety. Why? Because when you are suffering from allergies or from a common cold, the congestion will make you breathe more through your mouth, which will dry out your lips and cause major discomfort. Additionally, taking some of the balm on your finger and rubbing it onto a chapped nose offers quick, on-the-go relief when you don’t have access to a facial moisturizer or skin balm. 
  • Opt for a mask. If you must go into the office when not feeling well, and you aren’t sure if it’s a cold or the blooming flowers outside, consider wearing a mask. Close quarters in a modern day office mean your germs could spread like wildfire if allowed to go unchecked. Your boss and coworkers will appreciate you keeping them to yourself under a mask…if they don’t choose to immediately send you home when they realize your sick that is. 
  • Hand sanitizer is a MUST. Use it liberally and use it often. Hand washing is one of the key ways to keep yourself from getting sick, and to keep others from getting sick if you yourself have come down with something. Keep a large bottle available on your desk for easy access so you’ll have more than enough to share with anyone who visits your space. 
  • Be as comfortable as possible. It’s no fun being in the office and feeling under the weather. Keep a small desk fan on hand if you’re feeling warm and need some air. Likewise, have a sweater or light jacket on hand if you end up feeling chilly and can’t get warm. Consider having a mug and a few tea bags on hand for making a quick cup of tea with the microwave. It’s wonderful for soothing a scratchy allergy throat and offering an afternoon pick me up until you can clock out for the day. 

As we roll into spring, keep these ideas in mind for yourself, and share them with coworkers! Sharing is caring, unless, of course, it’s your cold. What else can you share? The multitude of job openings you find with PHR Staffing Solutions. We are always looking for quality applicants  and since we work with some of the top employers in the Polk County area, you know you will find something that’s a perfect fit for what you need. You fill out one application, and then let us do the hard work for you. Give us a call or look at our current openings here on our site.