Be My Valentine: Top 3 (Non-Romantic) Valentine Gifts for Your CoWorker

Valentine’s Day is just one more day away, and while many people celebrate this day for its representation of romantic love, it has also become a day to celebrate love of ALL kinds, including that of friendship. While not everyone considers their coworkers “friends”, it’s safe to say that the majority of employees look at (at least) one or two coworkers as close acquaintances if not actual buddies, and when holidays roll around, they enjoy exchanging gifts, going out for a drink after work, etc. Buying a gift though, even a small token, is hard when romance isn’t the theme of the hour. That’s why we put together our top 3 gift ideas for your friends or coworkers that aren’t romantic in the least, and won’t send the wrong (awkward) signal to your office pals. 

  1. The Quintessential Coffee Mug. Everyone needs one, whether they’re tea drinkers or java addicts. If you don’t know your coworker that well, go with something generic like a nice crafted, pottery-style mug. If you have inside jokes though, or know the recipient likes something specific, a mug is a great place to work that in! Add a bag of their favorite coffee or fill the mug with assorted candy and it’s sure to be a hit.
  2. A gift card for a nearby lunch joint. The amount doesn’t have to be much…just enough to cover a single lunch at the chosen location. Showing that you thought through finding a restaurant or eatery that’s close enough to hit up over a work lunch break will be appreciated by your coworker. Stick it onto a note or Valentine greeting card letting them know lunch is “on you” and your gift is ready to give! 
  3. Balloons! This might seem silly, or simple, but while flowers are usually saved for romantic gestures (or your mom), balloons are something everyone can appreciate. You can still get the same “wow” factor that a flower bouquet would offer by coming in with a bunch of inflated Valentine balloons, or surprise your pal by having them fastened to their cubicle or office chair when they come in for the day. It’s a cost effective way to make a big impact and brighten their whole day. 

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Happy Valentine’s Day from PHR Staffing Solutions!