Too Much To Handle: How A Staffing Service Can Save You from Hiring Stress

All businesses, regardless of size, are forced to face the hiring process at some point in time. Inevitably, companies will lose employees, whether by their own choice or the choice of the employee, and they must take time to fill the opening so their business can continue as usual. Where large companies often have entire human resource departments to handle recruiting, hiring, and staffing openings in the business (both permanent and temporary) though, small businesses can struggle with this task. Often, the stress of finding a new employee to fill a vacancy falls on the business owner, since their other employees are likely busy “holding down the fort” and managing the workload left behind from their former coworker. This can take a toll on the entire business, and may or may not actually result in finding a good fit for the position in a reasonable amount of time.

So, what is the best solution for these small business owners?

A staffing agency can be the best answer for filling positions (both temporary and permanent) if you are a small business owner. Agencies, such as PHR, take care of not only recruiting, interviewing, and filling the opening, but also advertising the opening and getting interest before the application selections even begin. This results in saving the business owner time and reducing the stress of hiring to meet the demands of the office. How?

Marketing Your Opening. We advertise your staff vacancy on multiple social media outlets, on our own website, and in various hiring platforms online so you get maximum exposure with minimal effort and cost. The more people that see the opening, the more applications we receive, and the better selection you have of the current available employee pool. In other words, we are working for you before the “hiring” process even begins.

Application Management. Applications can be overwhelming, especially if you have to go through by hand and read through each individual resume, reference list, etc. while you’re still trying to run your business. We oversee the influx of applications, and pick only the best fits to pass onto round two of the process.

Background Checks and Interviews. Finally, we take the select few applicants that make it to the second round and run them through background check and interview processes. This will weed out applicants that aren’t exactly what you’re looking for. By the time you actually meet an applicant, you’ll know they’re already (on paper) a perfect fit for the job and all that’s left is to see if the potential employee fits in well with your existing staff, and you.

For local Polk County business in the Lakeland area, PHR is the answer to your staffing needs. We are ready to work alongside you to fill any vacancies in your company quickly and efficiently, so you can focus on making your business the best it can be. Don’t let the stress of the hiring process affect your work, and your life outside of the office. Let PHR handle it for you. Just give us a call to get started.