Getting Creative from Your Cubicle: Celebrating Halloween in The Workplace

Halloween is only a week away, and since the holiday falls on a weekday this year, it can be hard to celebrate if you know you’ll be in the office all day. While some festivities here in Polk County will take place over the weekend prior, the majority of Halloween fun (including trick-or-treating) will happen on the big day itself. However, you don’t need to feel left out while at work. Why not bring the party to the office? Workplace celebrations build employee morale, heighten the sense of community in the office, and overall can help create a stronger staff as relationships are developed in activities other than the daily tasks of work.

Try some of these easy ideas to incorporate Halloween fun into your office this season:

Friendly Competition

Competition (as long as kept lighthearted and fun) is a great way to incorporate Halloween into the workplace. Try hosting a “cubicle decorating” contest for Halloween, or if you’re feeling especially adventurous, how about a pumpkin carving party? If you don’t like the idea of singling out individuals for awards, how about dividing staff into teams for the contests, or opening the party up to staff families and make it a group effort? Whatever you choose, it’s sure to be fun for everyone involved!

Feed the Fun

Centering celebrations around food is always a good idea. Try holding a Halloween breakfast (cider, donuts, or pumpkin muffins anyone?) with ample time given for socializing and having a good time with fellow employees. If a morning activity is hard to pull off, a Halloween luncheon would also be a fun choice. Ask staff to each bring a “scary” themed dish to share, and you have a festive (and tasty) potluck to enjoy with friends.

Dress It Up

Give employees a chance to wear their costumes into the workplace! This could be done all day in the office, done for an “employee parade” on your lunch break, or even done in the evening when staff can bring their children and families to enjoy trick-or-treating within the office. All ages enjoy dressing up at Halloween, and this is a great time to have some fun together without a lot of work.

No matter how you celebrate in the office, we hope you all have a safe and fun Halloween. PHR Staffing Solutions will be right here through the holiday, ready to help you find the perfect position for YOU. Whether a new job, or an upgrade in your career, we are Lakeland’s #1 choice for matching employees with exactly what they need. Give us a call to get started or apply online!