The Details Matter: Completing an Application and Resume The RIGHT Way

As a staffing agency, PHR is accustomed to seeing a wide variety of both applications and resumes, for jobs of all kinds. Unfortunately, not all of them are equal, and we have often turned away applicants who turned in an incomplete application or improperly written resume that doesn’t fit the position for which they are hoping to interview. We know that applications and resumes take time and attention, but that attention to detail is often what sets you apart from other hopeful employees who are vying for the same job you want. Those details matter, so we wanted to offer a couple of suggestions to make sure you get your application and resume right the first time, every time, and have a bette chance of getting hired.

Work History and References Are Not The Same

When an employer requests that you include a work history in your application and/or resume, they are not asking for your references, although the two can be linked in some circumstances. A work history breaks down all previous work experience you have in your past, and the more details you can provide, the better. Include the place of employment, how long you worked there, what your position(s) was(were), and if possible, some key responsibilities and skills involved with that job. This gives the HR employee and/or employer who is reading your application an idea of what type of employee you are by looking at telltale clues, like how long you stayed at each job, what types of experience you bring to the table, etc. References on the other hand are simply people who can vouch for your conduct, work ethic, personal attributes, etc. If you want to put together a quality resume though, having previous employers listed as some of these references is a great idea as they carry more weight in their opinion than your aunt, your neighbor, or your best friend.

When in Doubt, Check It Out!

Your application and resume needs to include pertinent contact information such as your email, your phone number, and any other means of contact an employer or agency can use to get in touch with you regarding a position. We can’t tell you how many times we’ve received applications or resumes with phone numbers that have been disconnected. When you are filling out a resume, only give the most current information for you, from your place of residence to your cell phone number. When in doubt, take time to check it out by having a friend or family member send you a test email, call and/or text the phone number, etc. before you turn in the paperwork. This makes sure you don’t miss an important call, email, or letter in the mail that could turn into an interview and (hopefully) a job offer.

We hope these help as you fill out upcoming applications and formulate a resume for your next job interview. PHR Staffing Solutions is here if you want to skip the long process of searching for open positions in your area that fit your skill set, so give us a call and see what we can do for you to help you get hired! You can simply call us for more information or to make an appointment, or you can apply for one of our current openings right from our website. We look forward to working with you!