Post-Hurricane Points to Keep in Mind Following Dorian

All of Central Florida is breathing a sigh of relief as we managed to make it through hurricane Dorian with only a fraction of the impact we expected to feel. Our thoughts and support are with our southern neighbors in the Bahamas who weren’t so lucky, and we encourage you to look for ways to give back by contributing to relief efforts, volunteering with local entities, or simply donating canned goods to your own local shelter for those who may soon evacuate or relocate thanks to the damage from the storm.
Any time an area goes through a crisis, whether the actual event comes to fruition like Hurricane Irma did here in Polk County, or whether residents “dodge a bullet” like we’ve done with Dorian, there are still aftershocks and impacts that can affect life for the days following the storm. When you’re in the middle of a job search or application process when something like a natural disaster comes to the table, there are a few pointers we feel you need to be aware of so you’ll know what to  expect. Remember…
  • Paperwork will be backed up. If you turned in an application to a business a day or two prior to the storm coming through, or right before storm prep began, don’t be surprised if it takes a few days longer than usual for you to hear back regarding your status with the hiring process. Job applications and related paperwork tend to take a much lower priority for business owners and managers during a time of crisis, as they need to take care of their current employees, financial affairs, and physical preparation to their facilities. Instead of calling them and asking for an answer about your application the day after the storm passes, consider allowing a couple of extra days for life to settle back down and then take a moment to follow up with them.
  • Emails and voicemails might not have gone through. During a time of crisis, it’s not uncommon for lines of communication to become muddled. If you sent an Email or left a voicemail with the HR staff or owner of a local company, and haven’t heard back, don’t assume they received it. Yes, it’s common for these items to become backlogged much like the paperwork we mentioned above, but it’s also possible that the Email or voicemail didn’t go through in the first place thanks to the influx of communication in the days leading up to a storm. If you wait for a few days and don’t hear back, it’s worth taking time to call or Email again as a follow up.
  • Interviews might be delayed or rescheduled. Many businesses close as a precaution when a major storm is expected to hit, and when that happens, operations get stalled in their tracks and it takes a few days to get back on schedule. If you already had an interview, whether in-person or over the phone, scheduled for the coming days, don’t be surprised or offended if you are asked to reschedule. Business owners will be trying to catch up on work tasks and will probably need to shuffle scheduling around a bit until they are back into routine. Be flexible when possible. Your understanding and cooperation will go a long way!
PHR Staffing Solutions is currently operating with business as usual, which means we’re here in our Lakeland, Winter Haven, and Lake Wales offices working hard to match applicants just like you with the perfect job opportunities in our area. We are thankful to have avoided the storm this time, and are glad we won’t have to take time away from helping you get hired. Give us a call for information about our current openings, or apply online!