Simple Tricks to Get Moving This Summer: Staying Healthy with A Busy Schedule

We’ve all been stuck in the rut of knowing we need exercise and feeling the “blahs” that come when we don’t move our bodies, but staring down a full calendar and busy work days with NO time for a gym membership or home workout. These ruts aren’t easily broken, especially in a year where getting back into the swing of work and school has been enough of a hassle. Who has time to manage physical activity? Still, our bodies do need to move for both our physical and mental health, and that’s why these simple tricks for weaving exercise into your day are so helpful. With just a few minutes here and there, and no real “schedule” to follow, you can get on track with getting into shape this summer.

Here are our favorite ideas for working in a workout:

  • Instead of pushing the snooze button, push yourself instead! That five extra minutes of sleep won’t mean much for your overall rest, but if you turn those 5 minutes into a session of squats, pushups, or situps, you’ve just kickstarted your heart rate and metabolism first thing in the morning. Aim to get in 5 minutes in the morning, and 5 minutes before bed at night. That totals to over an hour of working out each week!
  • Make use of your time while waiting on your coffee. The few minutes it takes to brew your daily cup are just what you need to fit in a few jumping jacks or a couple of laps around your living room.
  • Don’t waste your lunch break! If you get a lunch break on the job, don’t waste it sitting at your desk scrolling your phone. Eat quickly, and then head out to the parking lot, the stairwell, or a long hallway. Wherever you can walk, use it! Getting in even 20 minutes of moderately strenuous walking is great for heart health. Bonus, it improves your mood and circulation too!
  • Skip the express spot, and park far away! We all have to run errands after work at one time or another. Instead of parking as closely as you can to the store, try to find a spot farther out. Forcing yourself to get in some steps going in and coming out is one more way to get in a few minutes of exercise with no extra effort.
  • Get creative with your weekends. Look for ways to get moving on the weekends, even if you’re stuck with errands or household jobs. Working in the yard is a great way to get moving. Have cleaning to do? Sweeping, mopping, and vacuuming are all great forms of physical activity if you do it with gusto! Even chasing your toddler around the playground counts as exercise as long as you keep moving.

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