Safety First: Taking Charge of Your Well-Being at Work

Safety is huge for many business owners, and you’ll often see employers post rules that are meant to protect their staff from injury or harm while in the workplace.  Requirements for specialized equipment such as clothing coverings, gloves, hard-hats, steel-toed boots, and even goggles are all meant to keep you safe when doing your job, and rules warning against phone use (and other distractions), getting too close to equipment, etc. are there to protect you from accidents.  All of these are important to note when you head into work each day, but did you know there are a whole other set of safety precautions that YOU are responsible for when it comes to your employment?

These precautions are not overseen by your boss, or regulated by any agency or service.  Instead, these are items YOU need to check off your list to maintain your safety at your job each day.  They include:

  • Your yearly physical with your doctor or health provider.  An annual exam makes sure you are in the best (physical) shape possible, so you are the safest when it comes to doing your job.  If your doctor has concerns about your heart health, blood pressure, or other physical issues, it can cause problems at work too, and could put you at risk for greater harm.  It’s wise to make sure you get in to see your doc at least once a year to get a check on your clean bill or health, or to take care of any issues before they turn into much bigger problems.
  • An eye exam.  Annual eye exams are important for people in all fields of work.  At these appointments, your vision will be checked, and any new or current issues can be addressed and taken care of as needed.  Small changes in your vision might not be terribly noticeable to you at first, but they can make a big difference in your performance at work, so making sure your eyes are in good health is key in being your best in the workplace.  If you already have eye weakness, staying current on your prescriptions for glasses and/or contact lenses is another important part of your yearly exam.
  • Appointments with any specialists you see on a routine basis.  If you have existing issues, whether mental OR physical, keeping up with routine appointments with your various doctors, whether therapists, dermatologists, cardiologists, etc. are vital to you being your very best at work.  If you don’t take care of yourself you won’t be able to offer top-quality work to your employer.  Keep up with your regular doctor visits for any preexisting conditions.  Your boss and your body will thank you.

Adding these items to your calendar and your mental safety checklist is an important part of any job!  Still looking for the position that’s right for you?  PHR Staffing Solutions is here to help.  We recruit for companies throughout the Polk County area, and we match their openings with your skills, qualifications, and needs to make sure you’re the perfect fit!  Give us a call for more info or apply for our current openings online!