Financial Freedom and How It Affects Your Life

Tomorrow is Independence Day here in the United States! Many people around the country are celebrating the birth of our nation on July 4th, and are enjoying fireworks displays, parties with friends, and likely spending a good bit of cash on festivities, and you might be wondering how you’re gong to buy groceries for the next week, or make your rent for the month. It can be hard to celebrate freedom when you feel in bondage to your finances, and sadly, that’s the situation for some here in our country. We live a “paycheck to paycheck” lifestyle, with our expenses adding up to costs equal to or greater than our income. That, paired with debt, can lead to all kinds of far-reaching issues.

So, just how can your financial strain affect other areas of your life?

First, it affects your health. Both your physical and mental health can be hindered by the stress of financial burdens. Your blood pressure and heart health are negatively affected when you live a life full of continued anxiety and worry, and wondering how’ll you’ll make ends meet definitely falls under that category. Additionally, the constant strain of worry takes a toll on your mental well-being, and can lead to depression over time.

Financial stress also affects your relationships. It can make you ill-tempered and short-fused, and can lead to issues within your marriage, your role as a parent, and with friends and coworkers. Even worse, the feelings of shame that go along with money concerns can cause you to retreat from many relationships, leaving you lonely and even more susceptible to depression.

Finally, living a lifestyle where you are barely getting by leaves you little cushion financially, and can be disastrous if something were to happen. The fear of this happening can worsen the issues mentioned above, but it can also leave your loved ones in a bad place if unplanned circumstances arise. No matter your current financial situation, there are people who can help you better plan for the future and manage your money wisely, so you can begin to take back your life and enjoy freedom.

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